Monday, September 2, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Awkward OOTD

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” - Dr. Suess

Hi beauties! Hope you're all having a wonderful day! <3

Shoes are Tommy Hilfiger, top is Brandy Melville and jeans are from Zara 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOTD: Happy Birthday to me!

Face: Benefit Fake Up concealer
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow mix of Honey and Ivory
MAC blush in Fleur Power
Annayake Bronzer

Lid and eyebrow highlight: All that Glitter
Crease: Buck (Naked Palette)
Mac Gel liner in Blacktrack
Inner corners: Fresh Ice (MAC limited edition)
Dior pencil liner in Black
Mascara: Laura Mercier waterproof mascara

Sorry about the bad quality camera, I was in the car driving across Germany on my birthday.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bling it Yourself: Glam Shorts!

This is a quick and easy way to add sparkle to an old pair of shorts or jeans. If you buy the glue accordingly, you can also bling out your shoes, bags or any other fabric!

What you’ll need:
Rhinestones of your choice
Fabric Glue (make sure it also glues plastic, not just fabrics to each other)
An old pair of shorts

Step 1: I arrange the rhinestones the way I want to on my shorts. I do this before applying glue so I don’t end up with a glue-y mess if I change my mind.

Step 2: Next, I either glue the rhinestones on individually or put the glue where I want to add rhinestones later. On the pocket I drew a line, on the left side I glued individually.

Step 3: Wait to dry!

Tip: If you wash your shorts before hand, the glue supposedly sticks better.

Let me know how your attempts go- I would love to see!

xo, Kate

FOTD: Bold Brows and Cotton Candy Lips

A day spent at Tegeler See in the sun eating ice cream followed by a delicious steak dinner in Prenzlauer Berg.

Face: Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Honey
Benefit Hello Flawless Powder
MAC Fleur Power Blush

Eyebrows: MAC Omega shadow

Eyes: MAC All that Glitters
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara

Lips: Kiko Luscious Cream Lipstick in 519

Top: Mango

Hope you're having a great day!
xo, Kate

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haul: Black and White

As mentioned in my previous post, I went from a medium to an extra small in clothing size, so I get to go shopping for an actual reason and not feel guilty (not that shopping should make anyone feel guilty, it's a necessity after all!)

From left:
Mango: €19.99, it has gold buttons on the back. I will take my pictures soon!
American Apparel: €16, this bandeau will look great under simple shirts.
American Apparel: €28, this skirt can be worn as either a high waisted skirt and as a (very, very, very short) dress. Clearly I bought this for the skirt option.
Mango: €29.99, Where do I begin? Not is it high-low, but it's bedazzled. Im thinking of wearing this with leggings and brown boots or flats. It will also look great with the skirt I got. 
Sc√ľnci: €7, these were pretty expensive in my opinion, but I just wore one to the gym and it did not budge and didn't pull out any hair- well worth the price!
Cheap Monday: €79, I will take more pictures of this, the details are too good to miss. 


Tidy Closet, Happy Life?!

After losing 10 kg (or  22 pounds) this past year I was terrified of the jojo effect. But I am glad to report that I am not jojo-ing; however, my closet was a MESS. All of my clothes were too big. I was trying to make them work as oversized clothes, but most of them looked like what they were: ill-fitting.

After months of trying to make do with these clothes and realizing that I am keeping my weight, I decided to purge. It has taken me months, and I am still in the process of sorting out ill-fitting purchases, but I can say genuinely that when my closet is filled with only the things that fit, I love and I wear has made me, yes, a little bit happier.

As your closet is one of the first things you see everyday and one of the objects you see on a daily basis, I recommend keeping it in a way which you like and makes your life easier. Here are some of my best strategies which I’ve learned over the past few months:
My (crooked) rolling rack- only all of my most worn pieces, the rest are in my closet and shoe rack- this saves me time and nerves in the morning. The golden bag is my bag of clothes which do not fit, when it is full, I'll bring them to charity.

TIP #1: Fluctuating weight?
If your weight changes keep only the clothes which fit you at your current weight where you can see them. Keep them on the middle shelves, towards the front, on top, in a certain section you can see easiest—whatever works for you!
What doesn’t fit momentarily: put towards the back, lower shelves... you get the point.

TIP #2: Sentimental pieces.
Make a pile of clothes your unsure about parting with until youre sure about it, then toss. Nothing worse than giving away a sentimental piece of clothing, even it it doesn’t fit. Try getting it taken in or wearing it with a belt, sometimes you can "make it work“ (Tim Gunn we're looking at you, baby!)!

TIP #3: Coziness before all!
Uncomfortable, scratchy clothes... even if they fit—toss them! Life is too short to be uncomfortable there are way too many cute and cozy options.

TIP #4: Seasons of Love
Only clean out clothing from the season you’re currently in or the past season. You’re not going to know what you’ll want in snowy, cold weather while you’re sweating in August.

TIP #5: Toss as you go.
Tried the same blazer on 5 times and it still just looks, well, weird? Keep a bin, basket, bag, whatever in your closet to throw things in as you go.

TIP # 6: Memory loss?
Can’t remember wearing a piece of clothing? Adieu, on the pile of give away clothes it goes!

TIP #7: Classics
Do not throw out your well-made classics. What you can get altered you should. Classics are easy, fool-proof and always appropriate. There is no outfit easier to put together and look pulled together in, than a classic ensemble. I'm talking classic sweaters, blazers, slacks, jeans- all easy to combine which each other.

TIP #8: Rolling Racks
Get a rolling rack for your most worn pieces. You can see them and they won’t get dusty since you wear and wash them frequently. Add your trendier items too since your style might evolve elsewhere.

Conclusion: If you can see what you have, you will wear your clothes more and actually like what you have!

Also, try not to throw clothes away which someone else could still enjoy. Trade with friends and family or donate it to local charities. 

Good luck!

Xo, Kate