Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haul: Black and White

As mentioned in my previous post, I went from a medium to an extra small in clothing size, so I get to go shopping for an actual reason and not feel guilty (not that shopping should make anyone feel guilty, it's a necessity after all!)

From left:
Mango: €19.99, it has gold buttons on the back. I will take my pictures soon!
American Apparel: €16, this bandeau will look great under simple shirts.
American Apparel: €28, this skirt can be worn as either a high waisted skirt and as a (very, very, very short) dress. Clearly I bought this for the skirt option.
Mango: €29.99, Where do I begin? Not is it high-low, but it's bedazzled. Im thinking of wearing this with leggings and brown boots or flats. It will also look great with the skirt I got. 
Sc√ľnci: €7, these were pretty expensive in my opinion, but I just wore one to the gym and it did not budge and didn't pull out any hair- well worth the price!
Cheap Monday: €79, I will take more pictures of this, the details are too good to miss. 


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